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"Technology" is a word about as specific as "sports" or "food" or "animal".

Ontology Technological Dynamics - dredmorbius

I like technology (insofar as you can like an abstract concept). I have been interested in computer programming since young, and have a background as a software developer. So when I say 'technology', I probably subconsciously lean towards meaning computers and surrounding technologies, worth bearing that in mind.

I'm critical of how technology is used, and very much into the use of technology for liberatory purposes. If it's not a net positive for humanity and the world in which we live, then what's the point.

I like the free software movement, and use a lot of it.

I'm interested in technology as used for communication, so yeah big fan of the Internet.

I am interested in the intersection of technology and nature.

1 Other stuff

A grab bag of things I've jotted down but haven't really got into any order…

  • AI and ethics
  • Intellectual property
  • History of the textile industry
  • Limbo: virtual experience of asylum
  • IoT
  • Technocrats
    • Those who believed that technology and the empowerment of technical experts were more important than political change

1.1 Sustainable technology

1.2 Cybernetics

1.3 Hardware

  • My Devices
  • System/360
    • Early successful mainframe. Chile had a few of them.

1.4 Smart cities

  • Seoul city machine
    • Saw it at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
    • Shows the tension between smart city looking after us vs controlling us

1.5 Misuses and abuses of technology

2 Misc

3 Backlinks

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