I think what I like about notifications of app updates from F-Droid is that, behind that little notification is a whole cycle of ideas, discussion, coding, building, testing, packaging, releasing. It’s a little reminder that a whole bunch of open source just took place somewhere.
Listened to Goodbye iSlave (Pt 1) from Restart Radio

For Jack Qiu, the treatment of some workers in electronics factories in China needs to be conceived of as slavery. Our enslaved gadget addiction is related.

Labour abuses in smartphone manufacture. Interview with Jack Qiu, author of ‘Goodbye iSlave: A Manifesto for Digital Abolition’. therestartproject.org/podcast/islave
I’d like to make an Anki flashcards deck for helping learn/memorise some of the topics around open cooperatives. You can build Anki decks from a CSV file. So if we had an EtherCalc sheet on it, we could co-create it. Good idea? Who’s in? And who can provide an EtherCalc grain on sandstorm?
Freedom means freedom over time as well. Any open source offering that uses a file format that can’t be viewed and edited from a 10 year old device in one way or another, or that will be unreadable 10 years from now, is badly designed in my opinion.
I’d like to have a set of BDD-style specifications of what are important functions of modern apps – like specs and user stories of Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Instagram, what have you – that document what these things do and why people want that. Then we fulfil these features piece by piece in a way that is open and free.