Some agroecology claims:

* Agroecology helps humanity relink itself with nature
* Agroecology rebuts the predatory logic of nature’s use as a commodity and production resource
* Agroecology is not just alternative to green capitalism, but an alternative to capitalism itself
* Agroecology is what allows movements of struggle for land to exist
* Any serious struggle movement must have agroecology as its mode of production

I wonder out loud if there is any linkage between [[Law of Requisite Variety]] and the [[pluriverse]], [[Nested-I]], [[Ubuntu Rationality]] stuff from [[Free, Fair and Alive]].

e.g. if I think of the [[Agora]] / [[FedWiki]] and [[Wikipedia]] contrast, and the claim that [[Multiple voices are better than one]], then I think that multiple voices is more variety, and then more able to provide the variety needed to adequately navigate complex questions of coordination. And the flattening of voices in to one is an unhelpful reduction of variety.

On the flip side, too much variety leads to a [[cacophony of voices]].

I can not claim to know enough about either space to know if this is bollocks or not. Gut says worth exploring.

When I’m first learning about some new thing, X, I get a lot more value in someone I know saying "I like X" or "I dislike X" or "I’m interested in X" or "I something X" than a detailed objective description of what X is.
Really enjoyed a short day away in nature.

* Saw a red squirrel running along a fallen tree.
* Saw a buzzard across the lake with the binoculars that wouldn’t have been able to perceive otherwise.
* Saw lovely patterning of the underside of buzzards’ wings as they hovered high above.