Was looking for a decent fake smtp server to run locally.  Used papercut before back on Windows.

A good alternative for Linux (cross-platform in fact) looks like Lunatic SMTP (https://github.com/anlar/LunaticSMTP)


Episode 21: Worker Cooperatives & System Change with Esteban Kelly

from TheNextSystem.org
What role can worker coops play as part of a movement for system change?

Really enjoyed this interview with Esteban Kelly of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

Hits some great points like common misconceptions of worker coops (e.g. totally flat structure); the question of ‘get big’ vs ‘replicate’; how coops avoid boom bust cycles.

Interesting distinction of anti-capitalist and acapitalist, that’s a new one on me.


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The Broken Spoke bike coop in Oxford is fundraising to move to a new home – send some solidarity their way if you can spare anything!

They do DIY workshops, mechanics courses, cycle training, events for underrepresented groups, and lots more great stuff.


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Worker Cooperatives Part 2: Islands Within a Sea of Capitalism

by Upstream Podcast from Upstream Podcast
The second episode in our Worker Cooperative series takes a deep dive into the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, the largest network of federated cooperatives in the world.

Another great episode of Upstream. It discusses the coops of Mondragon, and the challenges they faced as they got bigger and brushed up against the global capitalist system. And discusses Cooperation Jackson and their learnings from Mondragon. Emphasises the need for strong political direction in addition to forming coops.

I like the metaphor of islands of coops forming in the sea of capitalism, and eventually they all join up.


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“The oppressed are in a position to build a counterhegemonic practice that mirrors the embryonic values and institutions of the future socialist society, while living within the existing capitalist, patriarchal and racist social order.”

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Who remembers bookmooch? (bookmooch.com/)

You basically just swapped second-hand books with people by post. I used it loads like 10/15 years ago. Got some great books off there back in the day, from all around the world.

It even had it’s own alternative currency, in a way. You got points for book you gave away, to then request books you wanted.

Looks like it’s still going.

Does inventaire.io do a similar thing?

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Part of why Cooperation Jackson was able to get going was Mississippi was bypassed by traditional capitalism. Preston is economically depressed. Rojavan revolution grew in the vacuum of conflict. Puerto Rico is reorganising as a community after natural disaster.

There is ‘the shock doctrine’ and ‘disaster capitalism’. We should have ‘the cooperation doctrine’, ‘disaster anarchism’. Or, more poetically, as per Rebecca Solnit, paradises made in hell.

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There’s a ton of ride sharing groups for activists on Facebook.

We got any in the fediverse?

(Say I wanted to hitch a ride from the UK to Calais, I’d post in the group or find someone who already posted that they’re going that way.)

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Remakery Brixton Restart Party

Thursday, Apr 19, 2018, 6:00 PM

The Remakery
51 Lilford Road, SE5 9HY London, GB

18 Restarters Attending

**This Restart Party is hosted by the Remakery** Remakery is excited to take the lead and host its first Restart Party! Bring along your broken appliances and take away new knowledge! This event runs from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. Whatever needs fixing, be it a toaster or a mobile phone or a DVD player, bring it with you; members of the Restart Project tea...

Check out this Meetup →

Attending Brixton Pound presents Accidental Anarchist
Brixton Pound presents Accidental Anarchist | Friday Film Club @ The Brixton Pound Cafe - Friday, April 20, 2018 at Brixton Pound Cafe, London, England.

Accidental Anarchist is a gripping documentary charting a British diplomat’s unexpected journey from Whitehall’s corridors of power to northern Syria, where in a frontline in the war against ISIS a new model of democracy is being pioneered.


Mondragón and the System Problem

The bankruptcy declaration of Mondragón Corporation's major subsidiary, Fagor Electrodomésticos Group, illustrates the need for large-scale cooperatives to go beyond competition in the existing economic system and begin to address system design.

Interesting read about some of the issues faced at the system level as cooperatives get large and embedded in global markets. As experienced by Mondragon.


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My #socialcoop story

Joined social.coop about 7 months ago (214 days ago to be precise).

I’d heard about Mastodon before & had a profile on mastodon.social that I wasn’t really using.

Think I most probably heard about social.coop from the CoTech (a forum of UK tech coops.)

Since joining I’ve learned a lot more about co-ops, got more political, got involved in our reading group, and got a little involved in how our instance works through our Loomio.

It’s been great!


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