Reading through the sites of longtimers of the web, like ‘s site, and more recently ‘ and Bill Seitz‘ wikis, and what they link to, makes you realise that there’s such a ton of written history out there. It’s a real treasure trove. And that it’s important that it has been recorded out on the open web, not in some silo that might have vanished and the history been lost.

Also makes me realise that much of what I’m thinking about has been thought about before! There’s some great resources out there. Phil calls some of the recent activity around this a or a reboot. It’s good to have history to read through.

Phil Jones has a page on his wiki about a : http://thoughtstorms.info/view/WebRenewal

The rediscovery of the same types of community and values that excited us at TheDawnOfWiki.

Hopefully a rediscovery that is long-lived?

That word ‘rediscovery’ chimes with the article that was in the MIT Technology Review recently: Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet. It’s a nice article, but is pretty much describing home pages from way back when, like they’re a new thing.

It’s not the hyped-up search for WebThreePointZero or TheNextBigThing. Instead it’s a return to seeking something of the openness and freedom that has been lost with the rise of giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google.


I hope the openness and freedom comes back and remains. I have a bit of a worry that for example Roam Research is going to become something like the Facebook of the personal wiki.

Replied to Week Notes 20#38 by Ton Zijlstra

A regular week ending in a weekend away. prepared and did the second ‘Networking 101’ session, our internal course on networking discussed creating a ‘digital garden’ as collective memory for our company with Elmine discussed finding additional board members for the NGO I chair worked on dig…

I’ve been finding Bill Seitz’ wiki a trove of interesting thoughts on wikis lately – his page on TeamWiki’s might be of interest re: the company digital garden you mentioned: http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/TeamWiki