(Day 1 is here: IndieWebCamp Berlin 2017: Day 1, and Joshi has posted some photos from the weekend here)

So Day 2 was hack day, where each person worked on a problem that tickled their fancy.  At the start of the day we did a brief go-round, with everyone giving a short outline of what they planned to work on.  A good idea to do this, in case there was any overlap or someone willing to help with a particular problem.

After that, we got cracking (well, hacking.)

Hack hack hacking along – photo by tollwerk, click image for original

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Made a little bit of progress on the photo posts. Mostly progress in understanding how they work, not so much actually changed in the output of my site. The BDD approach worked OK too. A long way off from a solid development process, but again a good learning experience.

Great interview with Carne Ross (‘The Accidental Anarchist’). He gives a very articulate account of his views on anarchism, which are given an interesting perspective given he was previously fully ensconced in the present power system as a British diplomat. I found very interesting the discussion around the suggestion that anarchism fosters a more loving society.

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I attended my first IndieWebCamp last weekend, in Berlin.  It was a brilliant experience – great city, great venue, great organisation, and great people.

In brief, the indieweb movement is about reclaiming your identity and your data back from the corporatised web.  It advocates having your own website, where you blog, microblog, post images, add check-ins, etc – and crucially, interact with others – all the things you might currently do across multiple silo’ed platforms owned by the big digital corporations, but here originating from a site under your own control.

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Hats off to the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin to opening up their exhibition on the October Revolution for free on November 7th. (Got lucky and strolled past that day while on holiday.)

Statue of Lenin

Trying to figure out what would be good microformats for a jam post. Running examples from indieweb.org/jam through micrometa.jkphl.is. So far, the default output from the WordPress post kinds plugin seems like the most structured.

OK. First round of yak shaving completed – getting local wordpress development environment to a stage where I can actually start doing what I want hack on.

Great first day at IndieWebCamp Berlin. Lots of cool sessions. My plan so far for tomorrow is to hack on my ‘jam’ implementation, to test that the microformats markup look as they should, and to add some kind of automated test around the feature so I can know if I regress from this at some point in future.