If you want to export your Loved tracks out of Deezer, you have to do it via the API.

You need to:

– create an app (https://developers.deezer.com/myapps)
– go through the oauth dance (https://developers.deezer.com/api/oauth)
– find the id of your ‘Loved tracks’ playlist (https://developers.deezer.com/api/explorer -> user -> playlists)
– get the tracks for that playlist (https://developers.deezer.com/api/explorer -> playlist)

Hand-curation should be cherished too. Knowing another human being has listened, thought about and combined these tracks is a beautiful thing. The only recommender algorithm I ever liked was last.fm, which really got the social aspect of music.

Coool.. just came across RadioDroid on f-droid, it’s an app for discovering and playing internet radio streams.

Now I’m listening to hibernate on Resonance Extra and it’s awesome. https://extra.resonance.fm/

I was thinking about how to approach music discovery since ditching Deezer (which was pretty terrible for it anyway). I think back to radio is the way to go (I mean duh, pretty obviously really).

Great piece by Cory Doctorow on the importance of repair.

"This is the golden age of repairs, a moment made for a renaissance of shade-tree mechanics, electronics tinkerers, jackleg fixit shops, and mom-and-pop service depots. It has to be: our planet, our pocketbooks, and our neighborhoods all benefit when our property lasts longer, works better and does more."


I was at a discussion about anarchism yesterday. A few questions about the need for leaders. One was "what about if there was a serial killer.. surely you’d need a leader to take control, surely?" Fair question about how does macro organisation occur, but the repetition several times of ‘surely’ was really interesting. Like capitalist realism, but for hierarchy. Seemed ingrained that a need for hierarchy is self-evident, that there is no alternative. Spanish Civil War was the end of history.

So far Pride and Prejudice is full of posh nobs chatting on about women’s appearance and comparing men based on their earnings.

Is it all an elaborate satire? Or is it just shit? Fingers crossed the former.

Anyway one great thing about installing Lineage – my Android security patch level has gone from February 2017 to September 2018.

I figured it as around 100 critical security flaws I was potentially vulnerable to, thanks to Samsung stopping support for a barely 4 year old device.

Not sure I get the permissions in Nougat… a bunch of the apps I installed need network access, but when installing it listed no special permissions needed. Is network access not considered a special permission anymore, it’s just a given? So far Ultrasonic has been the only one to prompt for any extra permissions, and it was for read/write the SD card.

Next app: indigenous for android to do me #indieweb posting. Probably won’t post that much from the tablet, but good to have it available. Its not on fdroid but swentel publishes the apks on github.

(posting this from indigenous on lineage!)

I finished Perdido Street Station. It was fantastically written and a genuine page turner. Also relentlessly, unremittingly grim.

Now I’m reading Pride and Prejudice so I don’t fall into a depression.

‘Dark municipalism’ (unevenearth.org)
Summary: "From the New Orleans school desegregation crisis (1960), when white schoolchildren went on strike to protest the federal government’s order to desegregate New Orleans elementary schools. by the Symbiosis Research Collective  The Five Star Movement in Italy has been campaigning on a platform of d..."

Current music plan: once I’ve exported my list of favourite tracks, close down Deezer account. Was costing me £9.99 a month. (When I first signed up someone told me it paid better to artists than Spotify, but I don’t know how true that is anymore and even if so, it’s probably still negligible amount.)

Host the tracks I own on personal streaming server (currently funkwhale on digitalocean, ~£4 month.) Buy tracks direct from bandcamp where possible, max £4 a month. £2 a month to resonate.