“With the welfare state, most of these commons were state-ified, i.e. managed by the state, and no longer by the commoners themselves. […] Today, with the crisis of the welfare state, we see the re-development of new grassroots solidarity systems, which we could call ‘commonfare’, and the neoliberalisation and bureaucratisation of the welfare systems may well call for a re-commonification of welfare systems, based on public-commons partnerships.” http://commonstransition.org/history-evolution-commons/

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Possibly the better thing to do anyway is always tunnel through SSH. I should be able to do that from most machines I’ll be using. It’s unlikely I’ll want to connect to the syncthing GUI on the server from a device where I can’t do that.

Holy crapola – just testing out Metabase for business intelligence. It’s absolutely brilliant. Open-source, slick interface, incredibly powerful, email/slack pulses. And. I repeat: open-source!

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Really like syncthing but do seem to spend a lot of time debugging it at the moment, figuring out why devices aren’t connected. May just be the nature of the beast I guess. But doesn’t seem super super seamless. Not prime time. But no doubt – truly amazing piece of tech.

Bit of nonsense getting the latest version of node in order to do some webmix stuff in laravel. Ubuntu always has really outdated versions of dev tools in their repos. Always need a PPA. e.g. https://nodejs.org/en/download/package-manager/#debian-and-ubuntu-based-linux-distributions