Heh nice the digital garden metaphor makes an appearance in Free, Fair and Alive:

"[…]people using Fedwiki sites are like gardeners or farmers. They can plant as many fields or gardens as they want, and reap the harvest from their own Fedwiki, but anyone else can also use someone’s harvest to enhance their own fields and gardens. Instead of toiling under a regime of private, competitive exclusion, the system encourages cooperative gains through commoning."


Replied to Frustrerende WordPress plugin by Frank Meeuwsen (diggingthedigital.com)

De Indieweb bouwstenen zijn een mooie verzameling onderdelen om extra functionaliteit aan je blog toe te voegen. Helaas werkt één van de plugins niet altijd naar behoren zoals ik vanochtend weer merkte.
Ik heb op mijn telefoon een Shortcut waarmee ik websites kan liken. Dit is vergelijkbaar met de…

I’ve had that same problem before, and never really reached a solution. I think you’re right – it is likely that it can’t parse the information it needs properly from the page you liked.

One way to dig in to it could be to see if that same URL, when pasted in to the ‘URL’ section when creating a post manually in WordPress (not via Micropub), gets the correct values picked up. That could point whether it is specifically a parsing issue or a Micropub issue.

Free, Fair and Alive is rocking my socks right now. It has a whole section on Federated wikis (specifically FedWiki) and how they can form a Commons. Add this to the complexity science and commons-public partnerships bits I’ve already read, it’s really hitting all my sweet spots so far…
"Since the dawn of the neoliberal period in the 1980s, however, public land has been subject to privatisation on a massive scale. In his recent book The New Enclosure, Brett Christophers found that a staggering 10% of Britain’s total landmass has been privatised during this period, equivalent to land worth £400 billion."

A lot of Manchester’s public land is turning into privately-owned unaffordable luxury flats.


I’ve got RSS-Bridge set up to pick up RSS feeds from Facebook pages now. I subscribe to them in Aperture and can read them in my a social reader e.g. Indigenous. That, combined with some Twitter feeds coming from Twitter Atom, is letting me keep up with what’s going on locally pretty well so far.
Pretty excited to be reading in Free, Fair and Alive about the links they make between complexity science and the Commons.

I studied Evolutionary and adaptive systems way back when, and its nice when various themes of my life link together.