Working on my research today, feeling pretty amazed at the range of free software and services available to me that enable me to do so.  GNU, Linux, bash, emacs, spacemacs, vim, PHP, codeception, git, github, travis, TeX, LyX.  Eclipse, FeatureIDE.  Whatever all of these themselves are built on.  DuckDuckGo, StackOverflow and blogs helping with questions.  Plenty more I’m sure I’ve missed out.  Flipping awesome, this ecosystem.
"A stage is a group of jobs that are allowed to run in parallel. However, each one of the stages runs one after another, and will only proceed if all jobs in the previous stage have passed successfully." That’s a shame – I want to have a stage that deploys my test artifacts after all test jobs in the previous stage have run. Even if one of them has failed.
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Introduction to what one would consider basic web communication
A few days ago I had written a post on my website and a colleague had written a reply on his own website. Because we were both using the W3C Webmention specification on our websites, my site received the notification of his response an…