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Replied to Support for importing syndication links for Mastodon Autopost · Issue #75 · dshanske/syndication-links by Chris Aldrich (GitHub)Now that SL has the Mastodon icon (#66), I’ll also note that the latest version of Mastodon Autopost plugin should now also support importing the URL for the l…

How did you get this to work Chris?
Watched The Media & Big Business: Friends of Fascism? by an author from Novara Media

As Tommy Robinson gets boosted by the UK press, and Brazil’s stock market backs Jair Bolsonaro. We ask: Why are the mainstream media, big business and fascists all besties? With Ash Sarkar and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera.…

Some pretty stark prognostications from Oscar Guardiola-Rivera about what fascism in Colombia and Brazil, coupled with Trump in the US, could portend.

One glimmer of positivity at the end, that there is a resistance movement already organising.


I think gevulot is the speculative fiction version of the Personal Data Store. (The Quantum Thief is an awesome book, massively recommend)

"Gevulot is a form of privacy practised in the Oubliette. It involved complex cryptography and the exchange of public and private keys, to ensure that individuals only shared that information or sensory data that they wished to. Gevulot was disabled in agoras."