When I ditched the big social media networks I intended to use email as a way to keep up with friends and family. But my email right now is a dumpster fire of pointless mailshots and administrata. I can definitely tidy it up but also thinking email genuinely isn’t good for maintaining social ties? Was it ever?
Read Straws in the wind… which future of work are we heading for? – RSA (thersa.org)

Our latest report portrays four alternate futures of work. What clues do current trends give us for the future that awaits us?

I like speculative future scenario planning, as a way of outlining possible alternatives and encouraging agency towards which one we actual want. Peter Frase’s Four Futures is a great book on this, from a general socio-economic view. So I like the idea of doing this from a technological perspective. Cooperatives and mutuals appear in the “Exodus Economy” future, in response to an economic slowdown. (I wouldn’t want the assumption to be that this is the only way they will appear, but I guess that’s not the intention of the authors.)


It was a big ol’ march. The first protest I went to was the Stop the War march in 2003 and it was similarly large. That one, all the ones in between, and probably this one, have been pretty much completely ignored. I think it is true that only direct action brings meaningful change. But movement building is helpful. (Also.. my preference would be to revoke article 50.)
Listened After the Crisis: Socialist Economics for Corbynism

James Butler is joined by James Meadway, former advisor to John McDonnell, to discuss the economics of Corbynism: the roots and aftermath of the 2008 crash, the new policy horizons of the Labour left, and a socialist economics for the 21st century.

Good discussion about some ideas for a socialist economics for the 21st century.   Lots of stuff in there, including some positive mentions of decentralised manufacturing and energy, and cooperatives.
On a train, in a branch, adding tests to legacy code and refactoring. Aw yeah. Love it when a test goes green.

Forget this debate about whether it is overall more productive or not – for me personally, I just don’t enjoy coding if I’m not driving it with tests.