I just reinstalled koreader on my kobo ereader. It’s come on so much since last time I used it (a year or two ago?) The fact that it’s a built-in menu in Nickel (Kobo’s default system) makes it so much easier to launch.

Dark mode is so nice. And now it has its own plugin, for reading articles you’ve saved online, which is awesome. (I was using Wallabako, which was cool but no longer needed).

My notes here: .

I wanted to see how my files look like in ‘s graph view. Commence massive yak shave to recursively convert a folder of org files to markdown. Result below, pretty much a copy paste from here: Bulk Org-Mode to Github Flavored Markdown. (I didn’t bother with github flavoured markdown though).

In the process I discovered that pandoc doesn’t convert extensions of cross-file links, which was massively annoying.

(require 'org)

(defun dired-org-to-markdown ()
    (let ((files
                     (let ((default-directory "."))
                       (mapcar #'expand-file-name
                                       (file-expand-wildcards "**/*.org")))
                   (let ((default-directory "."))
                           (mapcar #'expand-file-name
                                     (file-expand-wildcards "*.org")))
           (lambda (f)
                     (find-file-noselect f)


Pop the above in a file called something like export.el, then run it with:

emacs --batch --load=export.el

Watched @mayel@pub.mayel.space ‘s video on CommonsPub. Great project in general, particularly looking forward to Bread.Pub and Bonfire.

Along with the decentralised news, I think ‘ActivityPub but for economic activities’ is the other exciting direction for me right now. Like , and again @bob@epicyon.freedombone.net building sharing economy things into Epicyon.