Much easier than regulating to break up Facebook, just regulate to force them to make an API for us to get data in and out. We can break them up ourselves once we have that.

They used to have one, and IndieWeb was doing pretty well with that until FB decided to turn it off. Now *that’s* monopolistic behaviour and anti-trust.

I just watched The Great Hack (documentary about Cambridge Analytica and the misuse of Facebook data).

It’s OK.  If you already know the story, there’s nothing much new.  I guess it’s good to keep the story alive, and maybe introduce it to people who missed it when it happened.  I found it a bit heavy handed, and the focus on Brittany Kaiser as an individual a bit distracting.  I guess it gives the story a hook though.

Moral of the story: don’t do data, kids.

Looking forward to reading this – “Future Histories” by Lizzie O’Shea

“What, she asks, can the Paris Commune tell us about earlier experiments in sharing resources—like the Internet—in common? Can debates over digital access be guided by Tom Paine’s theories of democratic economic redistribution? And how is Elon Musk not a visionary but a throwback to Victorian-era utopians?”

Listened to a thing about the fourth industrial revolution, so called.  Driven by things like machine learning, AI, nano materials, biotech, additive manufacturing, sensors and IoT, autonomous vehicles.

I dunno.  I fail to be excited by any of it any more, unless it comes with an explicit intent to improve social wellbeing, not just vague promises of productivity and efficiency, shit going faster for the sake of it.

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The comment section of this blog used to be powered by Disqus. At its core, Disqus works pretty well. But I don’t like the fact that it pulls in a lot of JavaScript to make it work. It’s also not the prettiest UI. I’ve recently replaced Disqus comments with webmentions.

One of the nice things about webmentions is that I can like or reply to your post from my own site, too.  No Twitter required, and no character limit 🙂
Listening to SF 10-33 station on Soma FM.  “Ambient music mixed with the sounds of San Francisco public safety radio traffic.”

Very enjoyable. They play a lot of Loscil so I’m down with that.

There seemed to be a protest or march taking place earlier in San Francisco.

Listened to a summary of The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt.  It’s from 1951, but relevant today.  (“how quickly a democratic society can turn against its people”.)

What I took from this digest is how atomisation, isolation and disenfranchisement are fertile grounds for totalitarianism.  Without community and society you lose your sense of self and become easy prey for messages of totalitarianism.  Someone will come along and claim to represent you, and give an outlet for diesenfranchisement.

Once in a totalitarian society, people disengage from analytical and political thought.  The only thing that matters is the leader’s vision for the future.  Challenges to that vision are twisted to be from an enemy trying to mislead the public.

Listening to a thing about populism.  Interesting to delve into it.

In a nutshell: it’s a political strategy rather than an ideology, where the people’s interests are juxtaposed against a supposed elite.  It can have various host ideologies.  Personalist leaders claim to represent the people.  It’s hard to roll back populist attitudes once activated.

Had a great time at the Algorave at the Museum of Brands in Ladbroke Grove tonight.

I saw Digital Selves (with visuals from Rumblesan), Vou (+Rumblesan) and Miri Kat (with visuals from hellocatfood).  They all smashed it.

Digital Selves
Miri Kat / hellocatfood

The Museum of Brands also had a display of old radios.  Check out this beauty:

Solid State, aw yeah.  We had a radio that looked like this when I was growing up (although I think it must have been newer than this one.)

Liked Adversarial Interoperability by Ton Zijlstra

Adversarial Interoperability, a useful concept to keep in mind. In part the IndieWeb is a form of this, as it offers a way of staying outside walled gardens, while still being able to pass messages back and forth through its gates (i.e. API’s), through POSSE / sometimes PESOS. Though some platform…

Liked Renewable Matter Subscription by Ton Zijlstra

Took out a subscription to the Italian, English language, monthly Renewable Matter, on bio-economics and circular economy. Came across it earlier this week. As part of my open data work I am currently involved in a circular economy project focused on building a longterm oriented and wide ranging das…

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I love kingfishers! A couple of years back I saw a kingfisher on the Leeds-Liverpool canal – a complete bolt out of the blue, it flew into a tree, perched there for a little bit, then swooped down into the canal, caught a fish, and then flew away again – it was stunning.