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At IWC in Dusseldorf in May, I managed to break my old website. I broke it, while I was trying to fix it, so that I could export all my old posts, and import them into Known that runs this site. Turns out updating a site with code written in 2003-6 from PHP 5.x to 7.2 can result in a number of thi…

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Lest we forget, setting up several of these “freeports” is one of the key pillars of the current U.K. governments post-Brexit economic policies. They talk about how it might transform the chosen towns into “the next Singapore” but they never talk about what that actually means. I wonder why 🤔

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Google’s Chrome is not a browser, it’s advertisement delivery software. Adtech after all is where their profit is. This is incompatible with Doc Searls‘ Castle doctrine of browsers, so Chrome isn’t fit for purpose.
Removing Chrome
image by Matthew Oliphant, license CC BY ND Read Chrome to li…

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A list of participants of the Amsterdam IndieWebCamp last weekend is available, with the links to their website. Perhaps you’ll find some interesting sites to add to your feedreader.
Below a group picture at lunch time on Day 1. Not all participants are in the photo.
IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019 Ph…

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On my way to Amsterdam for day two of IndieWebCamp, that I’m co-hosting with Frank. Today’s focus will be on doing, based on the conversations and ideas we had yesterday. I’ve published a few pics on Flickr.
IndieWebCamp Lunch
The IndieWebCamp Amsterdam bunch at lunch
I have three ideas I migh…

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Much easier than regulating to break up Facebook, just regulate to force them to make an API for us to get data in and out. We can break them up ourselves once we have that. (source)
Neil is right, an effective way to break-up big tech monopolies is requiring they have API‘s. (Much like key govern…

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Adversarial Interoperability, a useful concept to keep in mind. In part the IndieWeb is a form of this, as it offers a way of staying outside walled gardens, while still being able to pass messages back and forth through its gates (i.e. API’s), through POSSE / sometimes PESOS. Though some platform…

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Took out a subscription to the Italian, English language, monthly Renewable Matter, on bio-economics and circular economy. Came across it earlier this week. As part of my open data work I am currently involved in a circular economy project focused on building a longterm oriented and wide ranging das…