Liked Adversarial Interoperability by Ton Zijlstra

Adversarial Interoperability, a useful concept to keep in mind. In part the IndieWeb is a form of this, as it offers a way of staying outside walled gardens, while still being able to pass messages back and forth through its gates (i.e. API’s), through POSSE / sometimes PESOS. Though some platform…

Liked Renewable Matter Subscription by Ton Zijlstra

Took out a subscription to the Italian, English language, monthly Renewable Matter, on bio-economics and circular economy. Came across it earlier this week. As part of my open data work I am currently involved in a circular economy project focused on building a longterm oriented and wide ranging das…

Liked Local Software and Gevulot by Ton Zijlstra

I need to write more extensively about two things that I for now want to link / bookmark here, both coming from Neil Mather.
One is local-first software, an article by Ink and Switch:
In this article we propose “local-first software”: a set of principles for software that enables both collaborat…

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My latest HrefHunt! comes from readers like you—as well as a Twitter hash tag linked by This hash tag (and Twitter in general) is an easy way to share your links—but it’s frustrating to sift through.