I was on holiday this week and went to visit E’s family in North Norfolk. It has big skies and lovely beaches and salt marshes.

Lots of binocular action. Involved lots of sitings of birds. Starting to recognise a few more. We saw seals which were amazingly cute and comical from a distance.

Learned a little about using solar panels for the home.

I read a fair bit about the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, part 3. Laying out what needs to be done. In essense: renewable energy, electric vehicles, low-carbon technology. "This report is essentially a manifesto for ending the fossil fuel age". We have the knowledge and the means, it just needs putting in to action.

In tandem, read about and learned that the UK energy strategy is terrible. Focusing on nuclear, ignoring onshore wind, even pushing fossil fuels.

I didn’t read much about Ukraine while away, but on return see that it is getting increasingly grim and on course to escalate further.

I’ve been reading a bit more of Cybernetic Revolutionaries. Interesting to contrast the Chilean version of a planned economy to the Soviet one. Chilean seems much better.

Next week is still Easter school holidays, and also it’s E’s birthday, so spending time on that.

+ Participated in a roundtable on [[citizen science]] and [[digital action]] run by UCL Extreme Citizen Science (https://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/research/research-centres/excites) lab, as part of [[Restart]].

+ Put in for a place on the Data Leadership Cohort (https://aspirationtech.org/programs/leadership/data) that [[Aspiration Tech]] is running, related to our work on [[open repair data]]. Got me thinking about [[data commons]].

+ I’ve noticed that I like writing [[technical documentation]].
+ I’ve always had a predilection for [[maintenance]] rather than the creation of shiny new things. I feel like writing docs is in keeping with that affinity.

+ [[The next UK election will be decided in the north of England]]. Because a bunch of seats could switch (back) here.

+ Keep on hearing [[Looking Backward]] mentioned in various places. WLTR.

+ Chuffed to have found my old notes on [[Jackson Rising]] from social.coop reading group. Was a really inspiring book. Might re-read. Should at least see where CJ is now.

+ Oh nice, there’s a [[Jackson Rising Redux]] soon to be published this year. Looks like it might reuse a lot from Jackson Rising, but that’s alright.