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A who’s who in current personal knowledge management and tools for thought convened in Utrecht, where I was at the PKM Summit the past two days. It was loads of fun, I learned new things, and the atmosphere was great with participants from a dozen countries.
I’m a pkm practitioner, not usually g…

Sounds great! I look forward to reading some blog posts on what ideas came up.
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Having the best tools does you absolutely no good unless you’re going to use them. Collecting notebooks, fountain pens, or even typewriters is useless (other than their inherent beauty) without their use.

Loving your use of real life index cards.
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Happy to help with this! My theme mostly adds microformats (which other themes also do, I just wanted to customise my looknfeel a bit). Majority of the IndieWeb heavy lifting comes from the IndieWeb WordPress plugins.
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@bhaugen I’ve tried on multiple occasions and just cant work out what’s going on, how to use it, how to contribute, how to collaborate, or anything. I find the interface opaque, and it feels like it’s a read-only.
I know that whatever follows the C2 wiki has to be different and possibly more complic… @bhaugen @flancian

I had exactly the same experience of FedWiki. Couldn’t really figure out how/why to use it.

Reading about it (e.g. and helped a bit with the why. Not so much the how.

Then I played around with it again recently (thanks and it suddenly clicked. Bit of a galaxy brain moment.

That said I probably still won’t use as a daily driver for now (Im wedded to my current paradigm) but can see now why I would.

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@neil interesting. Can you explain why and maybe have a link to relevant literature?

I’m currently reading Towards a Liberatory Technology and that’s what prompted this thought.

It was written in the 60s, and discusses:

– alternative and renewable energy
– small, decentralised communities
– harmony and intertwining of town and country, nature and technology
– anti-capitalism
– animism

Here are the notes I’m taking –

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Which are the good ones?
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Also this is worth a read I believe for thinking on how PKMs may combine in to a commons of knowledge.

(The section “A Platform Designed for Collaboration: Federated Wiki”)

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Anagora and FedWiki are worth a peek for the crossover of PKM into collective knowledge management.