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Reading Jeremy’s monthly notes about March and the shift into Italian lock-down, I got intrigued by a mention of how his ‘7-minutes’ had increased. 7-minutes? No idea what he meant, but a quick search in his own blog surfaced the first mention of it in his September 2019 notes:
“Finally down…

This is a decent app for getting a bit of variety in to your 7 minutes:
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As I’ve been reading about Zettlekasten for part of the evening, it dawns on me that there are some likely overlaps with both my prior work on statistical mechanics and ideas of mnemonics and techniques like the method of loci. I’ll have to think of how to better memorize and specifically tag pi…

I’ve thought about this too – I started to think of my wiki as a textual memory palace in some way. For helping to path it out/memorize it I thought it would be fun to have kind of text adventure paths through it. I kind of did that (along with a little sketch) on the homepage. (mentioned briefly in here under the Personal textbooks? section

I also wondered if wikis then became collaborative in some way, they could become collaborative memory palaces.

All quite half-baked ideas at the moment but something I really like the idea of.

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According to Neil, this is using “emacs with Org mode and Org-roam and publishing it as static HTML from org-mode. My holy grail would be something like TiddlyWiki but in emacs.”
I’ll have to take a look at this sort of set up while I’m looking at wikis. I’m sort of partial to TiddlyWiki m…

I think starting as frictionlessly as possible is a really good idea. Something where you can just easily type plain text and link those thoughts together – that’s the best place to start. For me that meant org-mode because I use it regularly anyway.

It’s evolving now with org-roam in the mix, in a direction I’m really happy with, but I think if I’d started trying to get everything in one I might have fizzled out. (That happened when I tried org-brain before – it was just too much friction).

I have some notes on my progression of wiki tooling here:

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Approaching the end of 2019 I look back on a year filled with some happy distractions away from the unending misery in UK politics and the climate crisis.

Happy New Year Calum!  That’s a good review.  Focusing on friends, family and health is a good antidote to the B-word for now.

Excited to hear there’s a IWC London in the works!