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Amazingly useful plugins keep getting made for Obsidian. Plugins that help reduce friction to getting my material from other sources into flat markdown files that I then can edit, rework and do with as I see fit. Earlier I mentioned the Zotero plugins to extract PDF highlights and Zotero links into …

Obsidian seems to have a really impressive ecosystem built up around it (and really quickly, too!)
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Yea that looks like a cool site! I hope it catches on, but we also have IndieNews and and those have never really had huge usage.

Yea I think showing the replies inline makes it more interesting than just an aggregator to me. I hope it might stimulate some blogchains (

I kicked one off, if you’re interested! –

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I’ve been using Emacs for the last 5 years or so. Before that was Vim. I actually use Spacemacs, a flavour of Emacs that uses Vi-like keybindings.

It has an unfortunately steep learning curve, but I like it because it is libre software that has been around for almost 50 years, and a huge ecosystem and community has grown around it.

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De Indieweb bouwstenen zijn een mooie verzameling onderdelen om extra functionaliteit aan je blog toe te voegen. Helaas werkt één van de plugins niet altijd naar behoren zoals ik vanochtend weer merkte.
Ik heb op mijn telefoon een Shortcut waarmee ik websites kan liken. Dit is vergelijkbaar met de…

I’ve had that same problem before, and never really reached a solution. I think you’re right – it is likely that it can’t parse the information it needs properly from the page you liked.

One way to dig in to it could be to see if that same URL, when pasted in to the ‘URL’ section when creating a post manually in WordPress (not via Micropub), gets the correct values picked up. That could point whether it is specifically a parsing issue or a Micropub issue.

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Back in 2012 E and I gave about half of our many books away as part of a BBQ party. We kept what we hadn’t read yet but still found interesting, as well as reference books and books we had read and felt attached to. In the decade since I’ve bought a lot of new books, based on interests, recommen…

I really like the idea of antilibrary as a positive thing. I have an ‘antilibrary of articles’ that for a long time felt like a source of informational anxiety, but now I think of as a subset of the Internet recommended to me by friends, already partly curated. Much more positive that way.

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I don’t know quite why but this strikes me as a hilarious version of a blazon. This then raises questions about whether there are ways to configure PlantUML such that this image might be generated with a dramatically different appearance, and who should specify the equality comparison…

Haha, I love this idea! You can skin PlantUML a bit from what I’ve seen. Side note: I have a plot to make a bot that posts randomly-generated PlantUML art.
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A regular week ending in a weekend away. prepared and did the second ‘Networking 101’ session, our internal course on networking discussed creating a ‘digital garden’ as collective memory for our company with Elmine discussed finding additional board members for the NGO I chair worked on dig…

I’ve been finding Bill Seitz’ wiki a trove of interesting thoughts on wikis lately – his page on TeamWiki’s might be of interest re: the company digital garden you mentioned:
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Na een paar jaar actief mee te praten en te denken over het Indieweb, merkte ik bij mezelf dat de fut er uit was. Ik kon mezelf niet meer genoeg enthousiast krijgen om weer een issue aan te maken op Github voor een bug, om weekenden op te offeren met code schrijven die ik zelf amper begreep. Immers,…

I am less active too right now, in the sense of building anything or attending events.

But I hope that just regularly posting and being visible as part of the wider IndieWeb is a useful contribution, too.

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My personal wiki at is based on Jethro Kuan’s Cortex theme ( which is based on theme ( which I think is *probably* based on Andy’s theme 🙂

(My blog is WordPress but is not SemPress, it’s my own theme –