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Happy to help with this! My theme mostly adds microformats (which other themes also do, I just wanted to customise my looknfeel a bit). Majority of the IndieWeb heavy lifting comes from the IndieWeb WordPress plugins.
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@bhaugen I’ve tried on multiple occasions and just cant work out what’s going on, how to use it, how to contribute, how to collaborate, or anything. I find the interface opaque, and it feels like it’s a read-only.
I know that whatever follows the C2 wiki has to be different and possibly more complic… @bhaugen @flancian

I had exactly the same experience of FedWiki. Couldn’t really figure out how/why to use it.

Reading about it (e.g. and helped a bit with the why. Not so much the how.

Then I played around with it again recently (thanks and it suddenly clicked. Bit of a galaxy brain moment.

That said I probably still won’t use as a daily driver for now (Im wedded to my current paradigm) but can see now why I would.

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@neil interesting. Can you explain why and maybe have a link to relevant literature?

I’m currently reading Towards a Liberatory Technology and that’s what prompted this thought.

It was written in the 60s, and discusses:

– alternative and renewable energy
– small, decentralised communities
– harmony and intertwining of town and country, nature and technology
– anti-capitalism
– animism

Here are the notes I’m taking –

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Which are the good ones?
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Also this is worth a read I believe for thinking on how PKMs may combine in to a commons of knowledge.

(The section “A Platform Designed for Collaboration: Federated Wiki”)

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Anagora and FedWiki are worth a peek for the crossover of PKM into collective knowledge management.
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Amazingly useful plugins keep getting made for Obsidian. Plugins that help reduce friction to getting my material from other sources into flat markdown files that I then can edit, rework and do with as I see fit. Earlier I mentioned the Zotero plugins to extract PDF highlights and Zotero links into …

Obsidian seems to have a really impressive ecosystem built up around it (and really quickly, too!)