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In response to the President Trump (USA)’s executive order blocking all commercial and non-commercial property transactions with Venezuela, Adobe has begun cancelling accounts belonging to Venezuelans.
Regardless of this being a continued embargo, this is a lesson to be learned to never trust softwa…

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📢 Have a personal website to work on? / Want to start one? Then drop by at Homebrew Website Club London @ hub by Premier Inn London Covent Garden next week 📅 August 7th ⏰ from 19:00 /…


Would be interesting to know how these big services are powered.

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Piece about tech #coops leading an upswing of workers coops in the UK and the causes of the previous decades of decline in number of worker coops.

The sixth coop principle – cooperation between cooperatives is stronger in counties that have not seen the same kind of decline of worker coops.

bob cannell: Some Reasons why the 1970s Wave of UK Worker Coops Faded Away and Why there is an Upsurge in the 2010s –

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TightShift Laboring Cooperative is a worker co-op composed primarily of formerly incarcerated people. They are raising money for a moving truck and insurance, and have a matching grant for donation received by May 1. They're super awesome. You should definitely throw them a few bucks to help get their co-op rockin'.

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marshalling resources means making sure your friend hosting that nextcloud instance can eat all month. capital marshals resources with the poverty gun: obey or be fired, if you can get in the door at all. volunteer infrastructure is an alternative but we’ve still got rent and that remains an issue. i think we can subvert capital using software but that’s not the fix either. organizations matter here. logistics matters here. i dream of social infrastructure.

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@blankideogram @jbond I think it's useful to support people like Corbyn when he's calling for re-nationalization of the railways, but I think nationalization isn't enough. It's just a first step. There needs to be a commons model where people have a real stake in the services which they're running. Something like running them as coops.

State capitalism has the same kinds of failure modes as private ownership by corporations. We need to make systems public in a way where they can't easily be enclosed and sold off later on. A bit like the fediverse. People could sell off instances, but it would be hard for anyone to sell off the fediverse as a whole because it's "owned" by so many different people.