I’ve set up on my box. I already had it on my desktop and my mobile. The whole point of Syncthing is kind of that it’s , without a central server, but I thought this might be handy as an extra node for those two to sync between. I do occassionally get sync conflicts when I’ve edited stuff on both while they weren’t in communication with each other. It’s not a central server, just a more available node, I guess.
  node "knowledge is power" as knowledge
  node "documentation is praxis" as documentation

knowledge --> documentation
After having taken the time to , I’ve saved myself a little money and feel empowered.

However, I now have no direct imperative to financially support some orgs/projects I like (GreenNet, Wallabag, etc).

I could self-host and donate, but then it probably ends up costing more if you factor in time and money combined.

I wonder if the purity of ‘self-host everything’ goes a little too far.

I think perhaps my preferred middle ground would be ownership of data, and remunerating orgs I like to provide apps that operate on that data.

This is a little bit like ‘s approach.

See also I guess.