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Why are co-ops relevant in a time of political and economic crisis?

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 6:00 PM

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We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the first CoTech Meetup for a while! Prior to 2020 we were already witnessing growing levels of inequality and precarious work. Now, with the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic colliding with the UK’s exit from the EU, we seem to be entering a period of massive economic and social change. This may w…

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Back in 2012 E and I gave about half of our many books away as part of a BBQ party. We kept what we hadn’t read yet but still found interesting, as well as reference books and books we had read and felt attached to. In the decade since I’ve bought a lot of new books, based on interests, recommen…

I really like the idea of antilibrary as a positive thing. I have an ‘antilibrary of articles’ that for a long time felt like a source of informational anxiety, but now I think of as a subset of the Internet recommended to me by friends, already partly curated. Much more positive that way.

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I have started the migration of material out of Evernote in earnest. The idea is to make my Evernotes available in Obsidian in markdown. I don’t want all that stuff from Evernote to clutter up my current collection in Obsidian, so I am creating a second Obsidian Vault, in which all Evernote export…