On brief reflection, perhaps it might be better to switch to a youtube-dl based "listen local" model anyway.

From a perspective of decreasing bandwidth usage and the environmental impact of streaming media.

I don’t know whether my individual levels of streaming are statistically significant to climate breakdown, but en masse it’s pretty big.

I fixed my problem I have having with Invidious upgrade: YunoHost Invidious upgrade gives "Not enough free space". Needed to truncate a table.

Now though it appears my Invidious instance is blocked anyway :/

I may need to set up anticaptcha.

Read: Federated Education: New Directions in Digital Collaboration

Really good. A bit on learning in public (through the lens of Arthur C. Clarke) and I like this idea of the Kinneavy triangle as a lifecycle of information. Narrative (I), dialogue/persuasion (focused on the you), and exposition (focused on the ‘it’).

In terms I’m familiar with right now, I’d say something like:

– narrative (I): garden
– dialogic (we): stream
– exposition (it): agora


> By storing data nature’s way, in the DNA of plants, this work discusses the potential for truly green, carbon absorbing data storage, owned by the public rather than monopolistic corporations.

Another art project, not necessarily reality anytime soon, but I love this as an idea and a provocation.


Solar Protocol

A fun (art?) project that is building a network of solar-powered servers that work together to host a web site. Wherever currently has the most sun takes over the hosting.

Dunno how much of these things translate from art/fun to practical use, but good for raising questions and awareness about how we power our sites.

Would be interesting to combine Solar Protocol with distributed content on something like Hyperdrive or IPFS.