The making of the CommonsCloud - technical choices


Interesting article on the tech choices behind CommonsCloud.


(CommonsCloud is a platform coop combining Discourse, NextCloud and Phabricator. They’re trying to build an online collaboration platform for the solidarity economy.)


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Just saying, nomadic identity and cloning, these are smart ideas:

“Nomadic identity means true ownership of online identity. With Hubzilla, you don’t have an account on a server, you own an identity that you can take with you across the grid. You can clone a channel across multiple hubs for resilience against network failures or censorship, or you can completely move a channel from one hub to another, taking your data and connections with you.”

Kudos to #Hubzilla on that.

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Piece about tech #coops leading an upswing of workers coops in the UK and the causes of the previous decades of decline in number of worker coops. The sixth coop principle - cooperation between cooperatives is stronger in counties that have not seen the same kind of decline of worker coops. bob cannell: Some Reasons why the 1970s Wave of UK Worker Coops Faded Away and Why there is an Upsurge in the 2010s - https://bobcannell.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/some-reasons-why-1970s-wave-of-uk.html

Joined the Open App Ecosystem loomio group. I like the aim: ‘This is a neutral group to talk about how we can build a suite of interoperable, open source tools which support transparent, democratic, and decentralized organizing.’ Not 100% sure what the approach is yet, but good to talk with other who care abou this and are thinking these things over. https://www.loomio.org/g/exAKrBUp/open-app-ecosystem

Need to get on top of my accounts a little bit. Looking into plain text accounting. Basically you keep your ledger in plain text files and the apps provide various helpers and reporting functionality on top of that. Integrates quite nicely with org-mode, so works for mean. Just need to choose between ledger, hledger, and beancount though. Beancount has fava built on top of it, but it doesn’t seem as good for budgeting options. I might go with hledger and use the beancount converter to display it in fava.

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Fascinating to read about ‘the Preston model’. Preston is a town about 30 minutes from where I grew up in the north-west of England. (Narrowly) voted for Brexit. In the middle of an attempted transition to localism and cooperativism inspired by Cleveland in the US and Mondragon.



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One of the things I love about The Dispossessed is that LeGuin doesn’t pretend that once anarchist society is established it’s all roses and freedom and happiness because she jumps right into all the contradictions of living in a society conceived of as a revolution and keeps on interrogating that. It’s great! Even the bits at the end that are heartbreaking but also familiar because, yeah, we’ve all dealt with that even in the spokescouncil model blah blah blah bleep bloop

Yeah it was great for that. Also challenging lots of preconceptions. In many places my first reaction was ‘hmm not sure I like the sound of that..’ Like the dormitories, the absent parenting, the kids just being assigned a name. And then over time I’d start thinking ‘wait, exactly why don’t I like that idea?’ Like is there objectively something wrong with it or just because of the particular cultural hegemony I’ve grown up in.

Which contradictions were you thinking of?

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by Josh DavisJosh Davis(social.coop)
TightShift Laboring Cooperative is a worker co-op composed primarily of formerly incarcerated people. They are raising money for a moving truck and insurance, and have a matching grant for donation received by May 1. https://www.gofundme.com/tightshift They're super awesome. You should definitely throw them a few bucks to help get their co-op rockin'.

“cultural revolutions typically precede political revolutions, as the former creates the social conditions for a critical mass of the people to embrace new social values that orient them toward the possibility of another world” Kali Akuno & Ajamu Nangwaya

On the importance of education and information dissemination. And in my opinion, speculative fiction.

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There’s a call to action for solidarity and mutual aid with Cooperation Jackson at the end of chapter one of Jackson Rising.

What’s exciting is that with the 3rd and 4th industrial revolutions, there’s a chance I can give that solidarity from across the globe. It could be financial, technical, informational, it could be microtasking on some problem.

It reminds me of Walkaway, where the remote network springs into action when a group needs their help. We rise up.

#JacksonRising #solidarity

Places bypassed by capital might provide the best opportunity for alternative economies.

“the weak and relatively sparse concentration of capital in Mississippi creates a degree of “breathing room” on the margins and within the cracks of the capitalist system that a project like ours can maneuver and experiment within in the quest to build a viable anti-capitalist alternative.”

Makes me think cities like London are probably lost causes for now.

#JacksonRising #ReadingGroup

Voting closed, and the next book for the social.coop reading group will be Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi.

“Jackson Rising is a chronicle of one of the most dynamic, but under-documented experiments in radical social transformation taking place in the United States.”

Looking forward to learning about Cooperation Jackson.

And with that, I’ll pass the hosting baton on to @Matt_Noyes. Cheers!

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Apropos retoot:

I’ve seen a few posts recently about FOSS burnout, where the act of maintenance becomes a heavy burden.

Like you could potentially argue that the ‘free rider’ problem (noting that I don’t like that term…) in FOSS could be people leaving poorly specified bug reports, angry comments when something doesn’t work, etc. Using up developer-time/energy, which is a subtractible resource, even if the end product isn’t.

So there would be a need for governance rules to mitigate that.

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