Mini workflow of the day: use vi style global pattern to delete all lines not containing particular urls; use vi style macro to then pull out the urls in question; mini bash script to read through the file of those lines and wget them with basic auth from the site; now I can transfer those files to another site where I need them.

Sinuses giving me gip again. Honestly who’s idea was it to have empty spaces in your skull, that are prone to getting clogged up and giving pain during pressure change? I’d happily do without, can’t I just fill them up with Sugru or something?

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Members of the London Anarchist Federation will discuss anarchism as a political philosophy, its history, key thinkers and modern currents as well as an anarchist FAQ. This talk is aimed at those interested in learning more about anarchism and will also include an overview of the many anarchist groups you can get involved with. The talk will be followed by a Q&A in case we miss anything in the FAQ and then a social in a nearby pub.

Looking at the question of how radical municipalism can go beyond the local.

Addresses the criticisms that: 1. with looming global catastrophe, another other than global response is not useful. 2. Local activism doesn’t address global capitalism. 3. Capture of the state is the only way to effect change.

Doing the article a bit of an injustice but my sum: confederations of radical municipalities can act nationally and globally to counter climate change and capitalism.

How radical municipalism can go beyond the local

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An urban fiction thriller set in a cyberpunk world, New Clone City tells the story of a down-at-heel metropolis. A melting pot of tribes, technology, poverty, and chaos. New Clone City is a rollicking compulsive read, as queer and captivating as its inhabitants. This is a slipstream world where a refugee crisis looms, the environment is in chaos, and an authoritarian political movement threatens the very fabric of the city. These dark forces battle a colourful cast of heroes, from anarchist rednecks to genderfluid sex workers.
Pulling the magical lever (
Summary: "Image: Pixabay by Rut Elliot Blomqvist Ideas about the importance of the imagination in an age of political and ecological crisis are popping up everywhere: in the arts, in activism and other forms of politics, and in a wide range of academic disciplines and fields. This blog is one example. In addi..."


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A discussion around technology, ecology and future worlds. What are the possibilities and limits for technology in the context of climate change and other ecological crises? Can we have our technological cake and ecologically eat it? In this discussion we will explore ideas including fully automated luxury communism, techno-utopianism and degrowth.
Programme of events (Friday 19th- Sunday 21st October 2018)
Summary: "The programme will be amended and expanded upon right up until the key weekend, so please check back for the latest…currently a work in progress!! FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER 7pm @ Housmans Bookshop Peace News present: ‘Nonviolent Anarchism/Nonviolent Revolution’ with Milan Rai Entry £3 redeemable ag..."


Radical municipalism: demanding the future (openDemocracy)
‘Municipal politics’ may raise new types of demands crucial in organising powerful social movements and improving material conditions, while orienting us towards new understandings of what is possible. 

Some good musings on the relationship between post-nationalism and post-capitalism.

Hypothesis: “that the ‘municipal’ – whether we’re talking about towns, cities or city-regions – might be a fundamentally important scale at which, and through which, to generate progressive movements towards post-capitalism”

Some good thorny issues that need examining in the ‘Our questions’ section.


I don’t really know how FB works as a corp, but somehow the celebrity-style focus on Zuckerberg feels like a misdirection. Not to absolve him in any way, but there’s a board, shareholders, hierarchy of managers, not to mention a rotten socio-political system behind every crappy thing that Facebook does. Every article about FB is accompanied by a goofy Zuck photo, look what this dufus did now. But I feel like, no, look what our society did.

I haven’t read the whole paper, but can’t deny it has a catchy opening:

"The purpose of this conceptual paper is to provide readers with an opportunity to reassess their work and life in the face of an inevitable near term social collapse due to climate change."

Sheeeittt. org-trello is pretty rad. I basically thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could sync work Trello boards with my org files at work, and lo and behold .. some badass has already written a package for it. Vive la FLOSS! Vive la APIs!

It’s pretty remarkably full featured two-way sync. Doesn’t do everything exactly as I want, but still will be really helpful for me at work I think.