Read The Green New Deal must have a Zero-Waste Policy by Kali Akuno (

If we are serious about ushering in a just transition of our economy, then we have to be prepared to launch a no-holds-barred debate about the need to transform all the productive relationships in our society.

More from Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson on some requirements of a Green New Deal, specifically around zero waste.  Making things last longer; local collective ownership; producer responsibility.

The program should also require the elimination of the planned obsolescence built into the life cycle of all modern consumer products from cars to cell phones, a practice that both enriches corporations and drives the need to extract more resources and expend more fossil fuels to make more products.

Read It’s Eco-Socialism or Death by Kali Akuno (

The Green New Deal (GND) is now part of the national conversation. But for decades, social movements have been doing the on-the-ground work to resist fossil capitalism and envision a different future. Such grassroots social mobilization — but at a massive scale — is vital to ensuring the GND catalyzes transformative social change.

Good discussion about the nuances of a Green New Deal with Cooperation Jackson.

“We have to articulate a program that concretely addresses the class’s immediate and medium-term need for jobs and stable income around the expansion of existing “green” industries and the development of new ones, like digital fabrication or what we call community production, that will enable a comprehensive energy and consumption transition.”