a particularly personally meaningful song (a listen with added emphasis)
Listened to Glass by Bat for Lashes

Beautiful song by Bat for Lashes.  What happens when two lovers collide.

I saw Bat for Lashes play at the Brighton Dome in 2009, during a particularly difficult year for me.  I can remember even now getting knocked for six by some pretty deep emotions during the show.

Listened to It's Very Sunny by Casino Versus Japan

Take one simple beat.  Add a simple lick, throw in a soucon of a simple (silly) vocal, top it off with a spacey pad.  Pop it in the oven, leave it to bake.  Garnish with a video of trains.  Et voila, you got yourself a delicious A/V trip!

Listened to Instrumental 2 by Windy & Carl

How do a few echoey, delayed guitars manage to evoke so much?  That floating lead really gets me.  Gives me a sublime feeling, this track.  In the true sense of the word.  Some glimpse of appreciation of the ludicrousness, the amazingness, the pointless, fleeting beauty of our short time in this incredible universe.  If I had to choose a closing song for my funeral, it would be this one, played out while my body is fired in a rocket into the sun.