Oh dang, I just realised where the record label Mille Plateaux took its name from.

I used to love their Clicks & Cuts series, and listened a lot to Vladislav Delay.

Love little linkages like that.

Playlist by Datassette

Mood: programming, concentration


Frog Pocket – Plinty
Tor Lundvall – Crooked
Tim Hecker – 7000 Miles
Belong – Late Night
Frog Pocket – Sea Angel Lament
William Basinski – 92982.2
Praveen – Cecilia’s Fruit
Arpanet – Ionic Crystals
Tim Hecker – October
Netherworld – Virgin Lands
KGB Man – Nobody Here
Tim Hecker – Blood Rainbow
Der Zyklus – Iris / Retinal Scanning
Boards Of Canada – Kaini Industries