Is there some kind of web player or protocol or similar that you can put a link to a track, and if the person has some legit access to it, it’ll play for them?

So say I link a few tracks on a page. One is on, so that’s fine for everyone, hit play and off you go. One is under copyright. If the viewer has it in their library they’ve configured their browser to know about on their machine somewhere, they can play it. If they’ve bought it on bandcamp, they can play it. If they have a Spotify account, they can play it.

Don’t know if that makes sense. But I’d like to just link to a track in a webpage and have it playable in the page, regardless of where the visitor ‘owns’ it.

Oh dang, I just realised where the record label Mille Plateaux took its name from.

I used to love their Clicks & Cuts series, and listened a lot to Vladislav Delay.

Love little linkages like that.

Playlist by Datassette

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Frog Pocket – Plinty
Tor Lundvall – Crooked
Tim Hecker – 7000 Miles
Belong – Late Night
Frog Pocket – Sea Angel Lament
William Basinski – 92982.2
Praveen – Cecilia’s Fruit
Arpanet – Ionic Crystals
Tim Hecker – October
Netherworld – Virgin Lands
KGB Man – Nobody Here
Tim Hecker – Blood Rainbow
Der Zyklus – Iris / Retinal Scanning
Boards Of Canada – Kaini Industries