the ‘increasing role of financial motives, financial markets, financial actors and financial institutions in the operation of the domestic and international economies’

“One of the most worrying long-term consequences of financialisation is the reduction in the capacity of democratic states to meet the demands of their citizens over the demands imposed on them by financial and corporate institutions, institutions which are increasingly free from the responsibilities that were imposed upon them by confident social democracies in the middle of the last century.”



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Frog Pocket – Plinty
Tor Lundvall – Crooked
Tim Hecker – 7000 Miles
Belong – Late Night
Frog Pocket – Sea Angel Lament
William Basinski – 92982.2
Praveen – Cecilia’s Fruit
Arpanet – Ionic Crystals
Tim Hecker – October
Netherworld – Virgin Lands
KGB Man – Nobody Here
Tim Hecker – Blood Rainbow
Der Zyklus – Iris / Retinal Scanning
Boards Of Canada – Kaini Industries


Bookmarked 'Progressive Alliance' is now the only alternative to the Tories

Thanks to the UK's crazy 'first past the post' electoral system, there's only way the UK can end austerity and neoliberal government in the next general election, writes Rupert Read: if centre and left parties join in a Progressive Alliance that represents the majority of voters.

Progressive alliance seems like the best hope of averting another 5 years of the Conservatives on June 8th.  Is it feasible?
The Green Party election broadcast for the upcoming local government elections flags the refugee crisis, NHS, inequality, climate change, lack of investment in renewables, as key issues.  Important issues, but not really issues that local government has much say over?  I also would like the video to focus a little more on the very positive and progressive policies that the Greens have, rather than just saying what is currently wrong.  But maybe that doesn’t fit so well into a short election broadcast.
A big of a long-off goal with the indieweb BDD specs, would be for it to be a generic way to automate how many of the features of indieweb a site had implemented.  Kind of an automated IndieMark.  But really, just something to give you an idea of which features you could choose to implement, and which ones you’ve already implemented successfully.  It should of course be implementation agnostic – it’s just testing functionality after all (the point of BDD).
Why do BDD with my site?  It’s mostly as excuse to play around and learn about a few different things – indieweb, BDD, codeception.  I’m also a big fan of the BDD approach, forcing you to think about why you’re implementing something, what’s the value, before you go ahead and implement it.  Plus, regression tests FTW.
Started working on BDD specs for my site.  Using codeception – very impressed with it so far, quite a mature BDD tool.  After all the initial faffing around with setup, I’m at a point where I have a Gherkin spec that navigates to a page, checks for some content, and takes a screenshot.
Quoted A circular economy for smart devices

This report shows how companies across the mobile electronics supply chain can adopt a circular economy model to make money out of old devices, attract new customers around the world, increase brand loyalty, and cut manufacturing costs and risks. Doing so would also help to cut electronic waste, carbon emissions and resource use.

The report seems quite business-focused.  The intended reader seems to be businesses?  The environmental and social benefits seem to be presented as a side benefit.
Really impressed by spacemacs  so far.  I started out with Emacs back in the day.  Switched to Vim at some point.  Spent the last 7 years or so using Visual Studio with the fantastic VsVim plugin.  After a while I began to see Vim more as a great set of keybindings, not so much as a program to proselytise in its own right.   Most text editors will have a Vim keybindings plugin.  Now, after moving to new work and away from the Microsoft stack, Spacemacs is seeming like a great system – very very thorough Vim bindings support, but with a very powerful and well-though out system underneath that.
Spacemacs was completely unresponsive at startup.  Turns out, for whatever reason, it was after I was using my laptop in a new place, and based on this FAQ obviously the ISP there was doing something funky:

Adding the settings there to the user-init function did the trick:

(setq tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options
      "-o ControlMaster=auto -o ControlPath='tramp.%%C' -o ControlPersist=no")

Trying to install a Duplicator package locally, I was hitting an issue where the package wasn’t creating a number of tables (including wp_posts) in my database.

Debugged it by running database.sql script manually in mysql.

This produced a few errors of Invalid default value for datetime fields, mostly.

Page here has some insights into this:

The fix is to add



to my.cnf.