We went to see Syria: A Conflict Explored at the Imperial War Museum.  There’s two main parts of it: A Lens on Syria and Story of a Conflict.  The story of a conflict is mainly a video outlining the background to the war, starting at the protests in 2011 following the treatment by the government of young boys who painted anti-government graffiti.  It seemed like a fairly fact-based, non-partisan overview, but without knowing more about the conflict I can’t say that for certain.  It’s only 8 minutes long, so many things obviously have been omitted (e.g. UK involvement in bombing.)  The reference to around 1000 different militia groups felt somewhat relevant to what I’m reading in Homage to Catalonia.

A Lens on Syria is photography of mainly Damascus, Homs and Palmyra from 2013-2014.  It shows the lives of citizens in those primarily government-controlled cities.  It’s people getting on with their lives as best they can in damaged buildings and ravaged streets.  There’s also a collection of incredibly painful photography of refugees at European borders.

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