Quick test of desktop calendars for XFCE. Maya from elementary os didn’t sync properly with caldav (and didn’t show recurring tasks). Orage doesn’t seem to have anything other than it’s tiny view. Evolution seems like best to go with for now. Working pretty smoothly with caldav. A bit slow to open windows (e.g. new calendar appointments), and very ‘GNOME’ styled, but it’ll do.
I like that Kobo e-readers are pretty hackable. I’ve added night mode and Wallabag integration to mine, and didn’t have to do anything too extreme in order to do so. No rooting etc – just copying a few files into the right locations.
Having a chat and learned that art students often learn about a particular painting by copying it. The act of trying to recreate makes you focus on the details you wouldn’t do otherwise. Got me thinking that something similar could be useful in code. Trying to recreate a well-known program, to really understand how a technique works.
When you get notified that the file has changed on disk, and is different from your current buffer:

file has changed since visited or saved.  Save anyway?


M-x diff-buffer-with-file

is very useful for seeing what has actually changed.

I tend to get this when I’ve changed something org-related via orgzly on my mobile while I was also changing something on my laptop.