If you work with PHP, and are looking for an MVC framework, I would very highly recommend Laravel.  I came from a background working with ASP.NET MVC, and if anything I am finding Laravel more enjoyable to use.  I much prefer C# to PHP as a language, but for some reason I find Laravel incredibly feature-complete and easier to use right out of the box.  The wider ecosystem is great too – for example, we needed some auditing functionality, and lo and behold, there’s a FOSS auditing library that does 99% of what we need already.

I know that in PHP land there is something of a Symfony vs Laravel debate.  From my peruse of the discussion on that, Symfony could be seen as a more rigid and principled framework, while Laravel allows you a little more flex.  In our case this made sense, as we were migrating from a bespoke MVC framework, so a little bit of flexibility helped us reuse a lot of the existing code.

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