I gave a very rambling and unstructured session on the indieweb at Halima’s open house event. Here’s some notes for those that wanted more details!


  • do what you do on social media, but own it on your own site
  • this great indieweb comic gives a nice intro!


  • my indieweb site is… this site
  • it’s a collection of my notes (microblogs), bookmarks, photos, listens, reads, etc
    • i.e. the kind of things you’d do on various social media websites
    • i have one main feed, and feeds of different types (e.g. tracks I like)
  • i post to it with various different clients
  • i read and interact with (e.g. like, repost) what other people are writing


  • own your identity
  • own your data
  • decentralize
    • avoid big centralized silos
    • they control your data, and they control what you see
    • and they have a habit of abruptly vanishing, along with all your content


  • client-to-server publishing with micropub
    • implement a micropub API endpoint on your site
    • any client that implements this protocol can publish to your site via the endpoint
    • authentication to publish is via indieauth
  • server-to-server communication with webmention
    • send webmentions to let someone know you’ve mentioned them
    • receive webmentions to know someone has mentioned you
      • display the mention on your own site
  • staying in touch with existing friends/sites
    • POSSE – Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere
    • PESOS – Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate to your Own Site
    • brid.gy for posting to and getting interactions back from the silos
  • content is marked up with microformats
  • my site is WordPress with lots of plugins, but you can use any technology you like to build it
    • and things like micro.blog exist for those who don’t want to build something themselves


  • Chat – 24/7 online chat across timezones, by web, Slack, Matrix, or IRC
  • Homebrew Website Clubs – regular meetups in person
  • HWC London
  • Indie Web Camps and Indie Web Summits – bigger meetups where people travel to places around the world

my indieweb site and decentralization

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