Liked Massive precedent set for repairable products by an author (The Restart Project)

We’ve been campaigning for the past three months on crucial “Right to repair” measures at the European level. The early draft of regulations truly promised to revolutionise repairs of key appliances, offering guaranteed access to spare parts and repair information for all, and design for disassembly. In November, we were alarmed to see that lobbyists had successfully undermined these, adding numerous catches and caveats.

Did a djembe drumming class yesterday – holy moly it was fun.  We did five songs.  Such rhythm.  So drum.  I used to play a kit and this is a lot simpler, but it’s way more fun when there’s twenty of you doing it together.
Read Consider Phlebas by an author
Really enjoyed Consider Phlebas (Iain M. Banks).  It was a rip-roaring read.  Very visual and cinematic, I can still conjure up a picture of a lot of the scenes in my head.  Enjoyed the brief intro it gives to the Culture, too – the post-scarcity socialist society that are featured in a lot more books in the Culture series.  Interested to see how that’s explored further.  I’ve just started reading the next in the series, The Player of Games.

After this I think I’ll try some Kim Stanley Robinson – more speculative socialist futures as far as I understand.