Popped along to a talk yesterday on platform coops organised by Nesta and Cooperatives UK. Specifically discussing the capital conundrum as they call it. They’ve just put a report on it. Totally honestly, I still don’t understand like 90% of how coops work. I haven’t invested the time. But felt big love towards everyone who cares and is trying hard to make them happen.
I’ve had a bit of a social media hiatus. Not planned – it just kind of happens now and again. I feel out of the loop with what’s happening at the world’s bleeding edge. And, that’s totally fine. But I do miss my interesting indieweb and fediverse peeps!
Read The Player of Games by an author
Just finished The Player of Games (Iain M Banks) – also really enjoyable.  Less cinematic than Consider Phlebas (though still nicely paced), and a bit more to chew on philosophically.  The contrast of the hierarchical Azadian empire and the egalitarian Culture is interesting.  Gurgeh, the main character, from the Culture, finds some appeal in the way things work in Azad.  Azad feels like a caricature of Western society as it is today – superficially advanced and urbane, but with some real darkness hidden away, out of sight.