With a couple of friends we’re starting a Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) reading group.

I’ve started SICP solo a couple of times in the past, but always gotten distracted somehow and fallen off the wagon. What better way to do it than catching up with friends every couple of weeks and chatting about it?

My own personal motivations for wanting to go through SICP:

– get familiar with a Lisp, so I can go on to tinker with Emacs better and maybe tinker around with Guix
– take a deep dive into a functional programming language
– revisit some of the concepts I (probably?) studied at university but haven’t actually had any recourse to really use in daily work since…
– it’s a classic of computer science but approaches things from a more philosophical perspective – it’s not just nuts and bolts

Learning from Daniel that the Guile community is generally pretty left-leaning politically makes me want to be able to explore that further too.

We’ll start at a leisurely pace and roughly aim at around 1 video per fortnight and say a quarter of a chapter.Β  But given the nature of life and commitments, we’ll each go at our own rhythm, no stress on having to get to a certain point.Β  When we meet up, we’ll chat about our learnings that week.

Will be fun!

SICP Reading Group

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