I saw a chameleon up close today, never have before. They’re wild! Eyes that move independently of each other and all over the place. And it moved around like it was stop-motion animated, and had these funny little pincer hands with little fingers. It kept on sticking its tongue out almost as a way of wayfinding. Quite a character.

I felt sorry for it being cooped up like that though.

There was a protest against the Tories by the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People.

I enjoyed the singing of:

You can stick your work assessment up your arse,
you can stick your work assessment up your arrrse,
you can stick your work assessment,
stick your work assessment,
stick your work assessment up your arse.

(to the tune of “she’ll be coming round the mountain”)

Started with a really simple version of Ton’s infostrat and liking it already.

I set up a couple of channels, one for people I tend to interact with a lot, one for people I loosely follow. Both a combo of IndieWeb, Mastodon, Twitter and RSS feeds, mostly of actual real people. The other stuff I haven’t moved yet and is mostly institutional feeds.

When I get a social media urge, I’ll check the first two groups. If empty, I’ll maybe check the rest, or read an article, or just do something else.

The best part is avoiding anything that has an endless stream of fairly random (but tantalisingly, possibly interesting) stuff. As Ton points out, anything *really* worthwhile will invariably end up in a feed in one of the first two groups sooner or later. I’m feeling more intentional, less flighty of attention.