Yesterday I attended a very fun pop-up IndieWebCamp session on streams, blogs and wikis.

The Garden and the Stream

Around 25 people joined online over the course of the session.


It was a wide-ranging discussion on lots of wiki-adjacent topics. One of the things I really liked was the plurality of both the reasons for having a wiki, and of the tools people use to do it. Very IndieWeb.

Some parts of it that stuck in my brain:

  • the link between the stream and the garden, and when you write in one or the other
  • what actually are personal wikis? What do people use them for?
  • mind maps, memory palaces
    • historical examples of externalising memories, like walkabouts
  • how do you structure your garden for yourself, and for others
    • is transclusion a good way to navigate ideas? Is the loss of narrative a problem?
  • bidirectional links or backlinks
    • renewed interest in this (is this thanks to Roam?), but mostly focused on internal backlinks in your own wiki
    • can we use webmentions as a mechanism for bidirectional links across sites?

There was way more discussed than that. I think given the interest and the breadth of topics, it would be fun to get together semi-regularly.

You can check out the notes and the recording for a lot more: The Garden and the Stream.

The Garden and the Stream Pop-up Session

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