Thinking about ‘bliki‘ (blog and wiki, garden and stream, stock and flow, etc etc) tooling a bit.

[Aside: perhaps if I made some bliki software, I would call it ‘Flock’.. flow and stock…]

What I’m currently doing

For the garden bit, I’m using org-roam. I actually write my stream bits first in org-roam, publish it to HTML, then just manually copy that HTML to WordPress and publish there for all the public stream stuff. As it’s IndieWeb-enabled, WP gets me feeds for people to follow, and all the interactions you’d expect from streams – replies, likes, etc.

So it is manual until it hurts, but it doesn’t hurt too much at the moment. In fact, writing and hyperlinking with org-roam then copying it over is for me a lot more pleasant than writing straight in to WordPress.

But obviously there’s quite a lot of redundancy there.

Where I could go with it

I could use WordPress pages as my interlinked garden. This would have the great benefit of also having all of the stream functionality OOTB. I haven’t explored WP for wiki pages much, but I know that Ton does it. I think I personally won’t do it this way as I find WordPress too much friction for me for writing, but having everything in one system is obviously a big boon.

I think if I could use Arcology combined with org-roam, that’d get me a pretty sweet bliki setup. (With more on top, including some of the note-taking and sensemaking bits too).

But I think it’ll be a while before I’m set up with Arcology, and even then, given it is static, it’s missing a lot of the building blocks of the IndieWeb that would also need adding. So I’ll keep it as this manual Rube Goldberg device for now.

But, good to have a long-term goal!

Bliki tooling

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