As I try the stream-first approach, a comment from Bruno at the Garden and Streams session sticks in my head – along the lines that he had experimented with software where pretty much everything was written in to his wiki first, with simply a flag to say ‘also publish this to my public stream’.

I find that interesting as I just posted something to my stream in my wiki (a tech note to myself about Chromium disk usage), that I don’t feel a particular benefit to posting to a public stream – I can’t imagine anyone really wanting it popping up in their social readers.

BUT I do want it in my own chronological timeline (as well as my longer-term garden), as I find it useful to be able to look back when something first happened. I want to record the journey as well as the destination, so to speak.

You see quite a few IndieWeb people do something along these lines, with a full ‘firehose’ stream you can follow, but also a more restricted subset of ‘stuff I think other people will be most interested in’.

Selectively publishing to the stream

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