Related: this is a really fun listen from Doug Belshaw. He discusses IndieWeb and the issues he sees with it.

Microcast #081 – Anarchy, Federation, and the IndieWeb

Doug has a preference for the Fediverse as an approach to an open web, and says the political philosophy of the IndieWeb is a type of right-libertarianism, because it lacks social equality, and without that it is just a focus on individual freedom.

My gut response is that I disagree of course. But it’s a great jumping off point for some thought and reflection…

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  1. @neil I’ll give this a listen, but I don’t see how someone could say the fediverse is an appropriate approach to an open web but not the indieweb. Hopefully, after I listen, I’ll have some specific rebuttals, but I’m with you on the gut response.

  2. @neil i’ve been thinking about this a bit lately. i don’t think there’s anything inherently rightwing about indieweb-type of approaches to things. i _do_ think that the indieweb stuff is essentially a hobbyist approach to a civilization-scale problem.there’s nothing wrong with hobbyist approaches. a healthy civilization needs them. they just aren’t usually set up to address systemic failures and massive power imbalances…

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