My personal site is a repository for my memories, experiences, feelings, recipes, tips, photos, and more. […] it is an ever-growing extension of myself that I have total control over, my mirror and memory aid. I want to be able to look back at this when I’m eighty and thank my past self for surfacing things that I otherwise would have forgotten.

On personal sites, and adios analytics — Piper Haywood

Hmm, reading this and also Amy Hoy’s post recently (How the Blog Broke the Web) is making me think a bit different about how I refer to my site(s). Think I’ll think of it a bit more as having a personal site, rather than framing it as I have a ‘blog’ or a ‘wiki’. Both of which are great technologies, but I want to be a little bit freer about how I think about what my home on the web is and how I structure it.

A home on the web

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