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  1. @neil Ooh. Nice. We’re in sync (again). I’ve been considering this too lately. Been thinking of losing my Spotify subscription and instead purchasing an album a month directly from the artist. The biggest issue for me is discoverability though. I like the “suggests similar” aspect of Spotify. Maybe I could access pandora (US only) through a VPN. Do you know of any other options for this? Even if it’s just a database of names with no direct music access? Also, for not missing new releases. RSS?

  2. @ClearMask last.fm is pretty good for similar artists – e.g. https://www.last.fm/music/Autechre/+similar. For me finding radio stations/DJs I like works pretty well for discoverability. (cliq hop on soma fm) I quite the idea of human suggestion/curation, less algorithmic (although algorithmic does work brilliantly sometimes). also i think if we publish our own minilists from time to time, a recommend from a friend is always good.bandcamp pretty good for artist notification of new releases.
    Similar artists – Autechre | Last.fm

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