Commoners are engaged in "world-making in a pluriverse".

Pluriverse names an understanding of the world in which countless groups of people create and re-create their own distinctive cultural realities, each of which constitutes a world.

A pluriverse is “a world in which many worlds fit,” as the Zapatistas say.

– Free, Fair and Alive

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  1. @neil More challenging than that, I’d say. Pluriverse names a way of living in the world in which otherworlds are seen with respect and compassion, as being grounded in material-historical circumstances, and where a weave of practice can be maintained across this very uneven development, of mutual aid. An active (and stewarded-policed) commons of the heart. Doesn’t mean everything anybody ever does is OK. But ‘unconditional positive regard’ is part of the machinery – Carl Rogers’ term.

  2. @neil Designs for the Pluriverse, Arturo Escobar 2018>Mapping autonomous design’s principles to the history of decolonial efforts of indigenous and Afro-descended people in Latin America, Escobar shows how refiguring current design practices could lead to the creation of more just and sustainable social orders.Actually, I feel his design book is overly rhetorical. Maybe the earlier anthro stuff is better grounded.-
    Designs for the Pluriverse — [book review] | anthro{dendum}

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