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  1. @neil honestly I most often listen to podcasts when on the move, often on the bike, or on other times when i cannot or don’t want to take notes. I treat them more as a way of feeding my unconscious with stuff that will help me further along.But I guess it’s more a question of more mobile notetaking in general… more recently I’ve been looking to phones with keyboards (esp f1xtec) but my Fairphone is still running good…

  2. @neil for apps, those on android that are specifically designed around org are fairly restricted I feel. orgzly focusses a bit too much on organizing and doesn’t have a nice writing interface whatsoever If i want to take more free notes i will probably try out markor. You can write .org in the pure text setting, it doesn’t give you highlighting or many macros though…I learnt you can install emacs via termux which I might look into in the future, even if just for the ridicule.

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