I’ve come across quite a few books recently that make a connection between leftist politics, climate change and one or multiple of complexity science, complex systems, cybernetics, and systems thinking.

+ Doughnut Economics
+ Free, Fair and Alive
+ Anarchist Cybernetics
+ Emergent Strategy
+ Cybernetic Revolutionaries

And @lollonero@antinetzwerk.de just shared “Komplexität «Chaostheorie» und die Linke.”

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  1. @neil I have to say the general direction leaves quite a lot of desire for me.what would be very important, f.e., in the technical realm would be the much more practical question of communication and information that any bigger social movement (before it can even reason to employ some system or cybernetics) will need, as zeynep tufekci points out in twitter and teargas. the important questions to me in this sense are much more immediate and practical, but other than those where


  • Nils Reichert
  • Matt Noyes
  • bhaugen

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