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  1. @neil Enormous difference! Here’s a (tendentious, materialist, contra-idealist) interpretation . .Digital commons is a (the?) commons centred on digital media and digital devices – might include many kinds of automation, guidance of material systems, provisioning and transportation of material goods etc. bringing a major focus on the digital capability and literacy of the commoners. It’s a material commons of code, devices, media, enabled and stewarded by cultural capability (aka skill)1of3

  2. @neil 2of3Knowledge commons is a misnomer bcos there is no such thing as knowledge. (!!)What there IS/ARE is/are *practices* of knowing, communicating and organising.So a ‘knowledge commons’ is a commons of literacy and (collective) labour power, thro which commoners are able to capably understand and organise their practical life as a commons, in a world of commons. It’s a cultural commons.

  3. @neil 3of3Latter (knowledge commons) has nothing necessarily to do with the digital – only contingently, in the present historical epoch of digitally mediated hegemony, digital media and the participation in power circuits of a Professional-managerial class. Former (digital commons) has nothing especially to do with literacy, organising capacity & labour power – except that organising the digital – like organising *anything* that is even slightly complex – pivots on collective labour power.

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