Some agroecology claims:

* Agroecology helps humanity relink itself with nature
* Agroecology rebuts the predatory logic of nature’s use as a commodity and production resource
* Agroecology is not just alternative to green capitalism, but an alternative to capitalism itself
* Agroecology is what allows movements of struggle for land to exist
* Any serious struggle movement must have agroecology as its mode of production

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  1. @neil oooof. To me, from point 3 it gets pretty steamheaded.Maybe you can clarify what „it’s mode of Production“ does mean? it’s goal for a dominating form of production; the field of social reproduction it engages in –– should every radical movement consist of farmers? Not really related, but do you know how the term does relate to permaculture?

  2. @lollonero Thank you for this, excellent points! These claims come from this article – – of which there is a translation of the relevant section here: can’t back personally back these claims up, so really appreciate your comments on where to refine and investigate further.
    A articulação dos povos para além do capital – entrevista com Neto Onirê da Teia dos Povos – Zero à Esquerda

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