Not only is vaccine inequity abhorrent, without vaccine equity we are perpetuating a global health risk.

The best way to improve access is enabling the local means of production of vaccines. That is prevented at the moment by patents and blocked technology transfer.

Basically a lack of knowledge sharing due to profit motives is killing people.

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  1. @neilYeah its sad, Bill Gates early manoeuvres to stop patent free vaccines was a dark tragi-comic affair. Like the way he said hed changed his mind after pressuring Astra Zenica not to free their intellectual property. Thankfully theres some initiatives that are bucking the trendCORBEVAX from the US is being licensed patent free to manufacturers Cuba is doing solidarity tech transfer of vaccines they have developed.
    Corbevax – Wikipedia

  2. @neil It’s worse than just making other people sick. Vaccines are completely worthless if you can’t get them to everyone. The virus will adapt in the sick population, and then you just wasted your time and energy failing to distribute a vaccine that doesn’t even work anymore!I mean the vaccines still alleviate a lot of the symptoms to covid19 and reduce likelihood of contracting the virus, but without all the lies claiming ideas are property, this virus could’ve been history.

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