+ I am writing this from [[MX Linux]]! My notes on [[Setting up a new box]] have been super helpful – glad I made those. I’m fleshing them out now as I set up this fresh box.

+ [[Problems with an old mouse]] now! Freezing/dying occassionally. What’s going on, this stuff seemed to have all been ironed out. Maybe the mouse is busted.
+ Actually it’s been OK for a while since plugging in to a different USB port. Maybe it’s the port.

+ [[syncthing]] is amazing. I have no idea how it works most of the time, but it does (most of the time). It just magically picked up a suggested peer, presumably because they’re on the same network.

+ Had fun clicking around on [[Thompson Morrison]]’s wiki.
+ Came across it as he linked to http://wellspring.fed.wiki/view/wiki-nature in the FedWiki chat. [[Wiki Nature]].
+ From there found stuff on complex systems, [[autopoesis]], etc. Rad.
+ Found a little sentence on [[Occupy and stigmergy]] wiki. Very interesting to me.
+ I’ve added Thompson to [[My garden circles]].

+ Bookmarked and read: [[The Stigmergic Revolution]]

+ [[Pharo]] and [[Glamorous Toolkit]] look interesting.

+ Listened to Novara Media on [[Ukraine]]. In a nutshell describing what’s currently happening as [[information warfare]], where it’s almost impossible to know what’s actually happening. Their advice: read from plenty of disparate sources. And that it’s probably more fruitful to familiarise with history, reasons for current grievances, etc. than try to follow current events. Adam Tooze has good blo g on this, they say. https://adamtooze.com

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