Seem to have mostly consumed things about socialism and ecology.

Plus Boris Johnson resigned – now wondering who will be least worse for the environment (as well as everything else) from the leadership contenders.


+ [[Technics]]

+ Listened: [[Turning the Earth into Money w/ John Bellamy Foster]]

+ [[carbon footprint]] is bunk

+ Environmentalism is presently primarily the preserve of the [[professional-managerial class]]. It needs to be inherently valuable to the [[working class]].
+ [[Matt Huber, “Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet”]]

+ Decarbonise electricity, then electrify everything.

+ [[Climate sadism]]


+ [[Free association of producers]] is a goal of socialism/communism.

+ [[Net zero policies would reduce the cost of living]]. That’s an incredibly important line of enquiry to pursue. Talk of [[degrowth]] isn’t appealing if you’re already on the breadline.

+ ‘The cost of living’ is a wretched phrase.

+ Reading: [[Marx’s Vision of Sustainable Human Development]]


+ Watched: [[Armageddon]]. Pretty terrible. [[Don’t Look Up]] is better…


+ I need to renew my passport. This is massively over subscribed and delayed in the UK right now. So I’m following a Twitter bot some guy made that tweets whenever new appointments are available. World beating service from the UK gov once again!


+ [[Boris Johnson]] is going. This is good. ([[Boris Johnson is a liar]] etc).
+ [[Steve Baker]] is in the news. This is not good.

+ Listened: [[Adrienne Buller, “The Value of a Whale: On the Illusions of Green Capitalism”]]


+ Looking at different [[options for publishing an org-roam-based digital garden]] because mine is currently horrendously slow. Nothing ticking all the boxes yet though.

Weeknotes W27 2022

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