tl;dr: A bit of action around [[systems thinking]], primarily as it relates to the [[environment]] and [[climate crisis]]. [[Systems literacy]].


+ Listening: [[Aaron Benanav on Associational Socialism and Democratic Planning]]

+ The [[biosphere]] is just one part of the Earth’s [[climate system]].

+ I’ve not had so much time for the stream of late. Most stuff is going in the garden. Of course, changes to the garden are a stream of themselves. I just mean I haven’t been posting much to the social media streams, where others can more easily discover and interact with it.

+ Bright the hawk’s flight on the empty sky.
+ [[A Wizard of Earthsea]].

+ Yesterday we watched:
+ [[Minions: The Rise of Gru]] at the cinema.
+ [[Minority Report]] on TV.


+ [[ProtonMail Android app takes a long time to load messages]]

+ Started [[Nature matters: systems thinking and experts]]

* Tuesday

+ Read: [[Humans need to value nature as well as profits to survive, UN report finds]]
+ [[Ipbes]]


+ Lots of good stuff in [[A Systems Literacy Manifesto]]
+ [[systems literacy]]


+ What actually is a [[system]]?
+ [[Thinking in Systems]].

+ [[Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance]]. [[System change]]

> If a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory. If a revolution destroys a government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those patterns will repeat themselves. . . . Thereโ€™s so much talk about the system. And so little understanding.

+ via [[Thinking in Systems]]

+ [[The Limits to Growth]]




+ [[Sand battery]]
+ [[energy storage]]

Weeknotes W29 2022

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