Read [[The Stack as an Integrative Model of Global Capitalism]]. Dense but useful and payoff with a call-to-action at the end.

"As far as "communication power" is a central means of coordination and control, it is significant to "reprogram communication networks" by building a "communication society as a society of the commons""

"Technology appropriation and the establishment of commons-based platforms for social provisioning seem to be a potential counter-hegemonic response."


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  1. @neil My very first reaction, which I may or may not sustain, is that whether or not all of these ideas are sound, the language theyโ€™re framed in only appeals to a very small subset of the people theyโ€™re intended to reach. Like, I have a whole bit in the book Iโ€™m working on that Iโ€™d initially framed out as โ€œthe convivial stack,โ€ and the more I think about it, the more I feel like thatโ€™s unnecessarily offputting jargon & that I need to do the hard work of finding a description that works better.

  2. @adamgreenfield Ooh I do like ‘the convivial stack’. But fully hear you on the exclusivity of the terms. Stack chimes for me having heard it plenty times across my career. But as with ‘platform’ it can be weirdly jargon-y/specific yet confusingly abstract and amorphous at the same time. Terminology with a broader appeal would be great, hope you can crack that nut!

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