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  1. @neil Maintain a handy but separate area where warranty certificates and manuals are kept. Try to maintain a PDF repository of user’s manuals as well. A log book (physical or virtual) with a space to record notes and observations alongside check-ins and -outs is very handy. As is a standing relationship with someone who can do blade sharpening, minor preventive maintenance, etc. Good luck! πŸ‘Š

  2. @adamgreenfield Thanks! Great ideas. We’ve got a good link with the local Repair Cafe which should help on the repair side. Great shout on manuals, we were thinking of seeding some of it from community donated things so having some manuals available online will be needed.https://lend-engine.com looks handy for helping with management of inventory and loans, some other libraries using it, but thinking not to make it a necessary step so as not to exclude.

  3. @neil Hello, I thought it should be a room that’s not too small. There are probably things which are bigger than books. Some sort of organization like an app or at least a group here on Mastodon, for instance. Or Signal. Regular days or hours per day/week with volunteers who are also able to fix things if necessary. People in the neighborhood must get the information about it, too. And so on. Just thoughts, but I really like the idea. Have fun and good luck!🀞🏽✊🏽✊🏽

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