Two recent learnings about the Greater London Council of the 1980s that I really liked:

1. they set up a number of spaces called Technology Networks – democratic, community-based workshops focused on socially useful production (h/t Internet for the People)

2. they turned the previously pricey/exclusive Royal Festival Hall into a freely accessible public space (h/t The Care Manifesto)

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  1. I like learning about municipal successes, gives you some cause for hope when national politics is so bilious. (GLC was doing this during Thatcher years. Of course, the Tories disbanded it, so… a lesson to be learned there too.)

  2. @neil There’s also a GLC curriculum for anti-racist education floating around, as well as a more general β€œWhat We Want”-style manifesto, in an almost photonovela style. I believe I read about that one in Owen H.’s β€œRed Metropolis.”

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