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A circuit made from lemons, copper coins and galvanised nails. Lighting up a low-current LED.

The copper and zinc are electrodes, amd the lemon juice is an electrolyte. The acid in the lemon juice reacts chemically with the zinc and liberates electrons. These flow to the copper. Three of these electrochemical batteries in series is enough to light a low-current LED.

I mean this stuff is like woahhh. Absolutely fascinating!

A 9V battery, some test leads and croc clips, a resistor and an LED. I am way more excited about this LED lighting up than perhaps I would have expected to be. This is loads of fun.

I’m even enjoying measuring the resistance of resistors with the multimeter and cross-checking against the reading from the coloured bands.

#fountainforlondon aiming to bring back public water fountains in London. To reduce plastic and to make water easily available for everyone. They said it costs around 0.01p for a litre of water, so the markup for bottled water is astonishing.