Bookmarked 'Progressive Alliance' is now the only alternative to the Tories (

Thanks to the UK's crazy 'first past the post' electoral system, there's only way the UK can end austerity and neoliberal government in the next general election, writes Rupert Read: if centre and left parties join in a Progressive Alliance that represents the majority of voters.

Progressive alliance seems like the best hope of averting another 5 years of the Conservatives on June 8th.  Is it feasible?
The Green Party election broadcast for the upcoming local government elections flags the refugee crisis, NHS, inequality, climate change, lack of investment in renewables, as key issues.  Important issues, but not really issues that local government has much say over?  I also would like the video to focus a little more on the very positive and progressive policies that the Greens have, rather than just saying what is currently wrong.  But maybe that doesn’t fit so well into a short election broadcast.