Via a link to Jared Pereira’s personal website tours posted on the IndieWeb chat, I stumbled on a bit of a goldmine of thoughts on the blog and wiki combo over at Tom Critchlow’s blog.

Lots of interesting new terms:

Also learned about, which says it provides ‘tools for thinking, together‘. Which I like the sound of, but as is a silo, it’s not something I will be using personally.

Tom Critchlow’s blog

One thought on “Tom Critchlow’s blog”

  1. does keep all your stuff in their machines, but you are a real customer there, you pay for the privilege monthly/yearly, it is open source, and done exemplarily well, in exchange you are joining an emergent interest based social network, where people find each other’s interest organized in channels and these channels can be linked together, you can create your own private groups etc

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