Via a link to Jared Pereira’s personal website tours posted on the IndieWeb chat, I stumbled on a bit of a goldmine of thoughts on the blog and wiki combo over at Tom Critchlow’s blog.

Lots of interesting new terms:

Also learned about, which says it provides ‘tools for thinking, together‘. Which I like the sound of, but as is a silo, it’s not something I will be using personally.

I’ve been doing a bit of wiki gardening. Using org-roam, and reading a little about zettelkasten and building a second brain, is getting me a bit further along the path.

The front page is a bit less messy. Everything else is still all a bit overgrown and unkempt, but I’m fine with that. Parts of it always will be.

As Kick’s wrote ('ve-got-blog/):

h0p3 has a home page entry point that is carefully curated and groomed, but which is several layers up from a complete chaos of link dumps, raw drafts and random introspections […] These layers run a spectrum of accessibility—there is always a learning curve before you hit the bottom. You start with a doorway before entering a maze.

Very pleased to have stumbled across org-roam (

I think it’ll be the next step I wanted for my personal wiki that I’ve been keeping in org-mode.  I tried org-brain for a bit (again) and it just didn’t click, and also broke my org-publish step.  org-roam just works with straight up org file links, nothin’ fancy needed.

Hoping it’ll get me a bit closer to TiddlyWiki in Emacs kind of thing that I’m after.