Quick followup to yesterday’s article about my wiki graph.

As I mentioned there, I’m not (yet) convinced of their utility as sensemaking aids, and the one I have certainly needs refinement.

Despite that, after playing around for a day, it has had some other benefits.

Firstly, soon after I published it, Panda emailed me with a note that he had seen both Jane Jacobs and the Paris Commune on my graph, highlighting a shared interest in these. He shared two great resources with me off the back of that.

Second, by browsing around it I’ve discovered things I’d forgotten were in there (and its only 6 months old…). This is perhaps an another angle to the ‘on this day’ feature various sites and individuals use, where you get reminded of things you posted about in the past.

Third, like I said, I noticed a few orphan pages, as well as pages that I knew now should link to something else, I just hadn’t done so when I first wrote it.

So I would say the graph so far appears to have potential as a discovery aid, for myself and maybe for others too, as well as a good gardening aid.

Initial thoughts on a wiki graph

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